Dee vom Wolfsbankring x Dutch vom Bachsteinhaus

E-litter is born the 8th of Februar! 3 males - 2 females

Flic Flac vom Wolfsweiher

Mother of our C-litter! (C Litter: Flic Flac x Fauny von der Hagenmuhle)

Joyca van Corminahof

Mother of our A, B & D litter! (A Litter: Joyca x Goran van Serburus, B Litter: Joyca x Trojan von der Staatsmacht, D Litter: Joyca x Henk von Gut Korten)

Dutch vom Bachsteinhaus

Father of our future E-litter with our female Dee!

Dee vom Wolfsbankring

Daughter of our Flic FLac and future mother of our upcoming E-litter!
Policedogs van Romantos Hoeve

Policedogs van Romantos Hoeve

Conner van Romantos Hoeve is doing a great job in the US, doing what he is born for! This really motivates us to breed german shepherds that are born for their job by nature, to protect and serve!
Rescuedogs van Romantos Hoeve

Rescuedogs van Romantos Hoeve

We also have offspring working and training as rescuedogs for real life & sport! In the picture you see Andy van Romantos Hoeve, his brother Aross is training in the same team named ESAR Dog Netherlands.
Sportdogs van Romantos Hoeve

Sportdogs van Romantos Hoeve

We have offspring in different kinds of sports like IPO, obedience & agility they live in active family homes and some with breeders. We are proud on all what they achieve with their dogs! We look forward to some "grandchilds"!
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